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Gift card

The selection and purchase of gifts for our friends and loved ones always seems to be a difficult and time consuming process; but we have the perfect solution for you!  NRWC has produced a series of four beautiful cards that cost either $25 or $50 or other varied amounts.  These cards can be given to your friends and family in lieu of a gift.  They detail how the purchase of the card will help the wildlife who are in our care, and the recipient will know that the money that purchased the card is being spent wisely.

As an indication, the tax deductible donation through the purchase of the cards will be used in the following ways:

  • $5 cares for a bird or young mammal for a week
  • $15 covers the cost of operating the 24/7 hotline for a day
  • $20 enables us to transport injured animals to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for specialised treatment
  • $100 cares for an orphaned flying fox through crèche and release
  • $200 cares for an orphaned wallaby through to release
  • Help NRWC to purchase equipment, food & medical supplies for sick and injured wildlife.
  • Transport of injured wildlife to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.
  • Establishment and maintenance of wildlife release facilities.
  • Support other activities such as the operation of our 24 hour rescue hotline and community education.
  • Support training programs for our wildlife carers

There are so many people out there who care about our wildlife and will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift card.  The cards can be posted or sent as an electronic .pdf file in an email.

The animals and birds will be so grateful.