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Once again I have been able to raise lots of little figbirds – and now have a large aviary at our new home in Brunswick Heads, and I can release them into the local population of ‘brunny figgies’.

I have had so many – numbers will be somewhere – but the first little figbird came into my care on the 2nd November 2013 and have had a constant stream of little ones since then. I try to sneak past open windows on waking around 6am before they start calling for food (I have considered crawling past the window – but resisted ) and usually start feeding around 7am every two hours for the rest of the day.

I do manage to have a life as I have a wonderful new neighbour who will feed them for me if I can’t be home for a feeding routine. I have at the time of writing this letter only four left in residence with another one ready for release maybe next week. Release can be a little traumatic as we have a family of noisy miners that are never around until I release one or two little figgies and then they try to chase them away. The figgies are tough and although they might fly over to the river trees – they always come back for feeding for a day or two and brave the noisy miners.

My last three figgies – the cute ones are ‘Two Fat Ladies – from Mummulgum’ – their feathers sit on the perch even when they are standing – and little ‘scrunge’ tiny with the scruffiest feathers and one small wing feather at right angles that appears to be waving at me when he sees me and wants feeding. He will probably be with me for some time I think.

I have enjoyed my figgies and will most likely have a large family of them again at the end of this year. I always look up as I walk under the trees as the figgie calling might just be one of mine. Have a wonderful life little baby birds!

By: Caroline Sutherland

 August 3, 2014  Animals, Caring Tales